ai ai ai
mayo shono
  track listing  
01 逢・愛・哀 (逢・Love・哀)
02 東京午前3時 (Tokyo Morning)
03 オ・マイ・パパ (Time)
04 スローサンバ (As My Father)
05 逃亡者 (Slow Samba)
06 心中芝居 (Double Suicide Play)
07 ピンボール・ジャンクション (Pinball Junction)
08 約束 (Promise)
09 あんた (Yours)
10 雨 (Rains)
Steve Bartek: Guitars, Arrangements. Oingo Boingo performed as Mayo Shono’s backup band and arranged the songs on Side A of this album (The Beaters Family plays on Side B).