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Bear McCreary
Bear is a composer and songwriter who has worked on many projects with Steve, John Avila, John “Vatos” Hernandez and Richard Gibbs from the Oingo Boingo camp.

Brendan McCreary
Brendan frequently hits the L.A. scene with his own original music, and puts on a hell of a show every time! Not to be missed. Brendan works with Steve both live and with the Battlestar Galactica and Eureka! scores...not to mention fronting the Tribute to Halloween gigs.

Raya Yarbrough
Raya works with Steve on the Battlestar Galactica series, and has recently released an album of her own, which was produced by Steve Bartek. Drop by her site and check it out now...

John Avila
John Avila’s official website. John has played with Oingo Boingo, Food for Feet, Jennifer Nash and many more... He is also a top producer with his own studio, Brando’s Paradise.

Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez
The official site of Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez; Oingo Boingo drummer/percussionist and collaborator with Steve on many projects. The site has updated “Vatos” news and a Forum.

Richard Gibbs
A new website for Richard Gibbs, another former Boingo member who now composes for film, including the recent Battlestar Galactica mini-series with Bear McCreary.

Miriam Cutler
Official website of Miriam Cutler; composer and past member of the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, the Majestic Dance Orchestra and Swing Street.

Doug Legacy/Zydeco Party Band
Doug’s homepage for the Zydeco Party Band. Doug is a former Sad Clown Orchestra member and Doug & the Mystics ringleader.

Jennifer Nash
Upcoming songwriter/singer/performer. Steve and John Avila have performed with her live.

The Crypt of Oingo Boingo... A nostalgic reconstruction of the official Oingo Boingo web page from yesteryear, as is. There are some lost & broken bits...

Strawberry Alarm Clock
Official Homepage for Strawberry Alarm Clock. There is also an informative SAC message board here.

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