johnny vatos halloween

Johnny Vatos’ Tribute to Halloween
Added November 6, 2005

On October 29, 2005, Oingo Boingo alumni Steve Bartek, Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, John Avila and Sam Phipps threw a Boingo-style Halloween party with guest appearances at The Grove in Anaheim, California. Specifically billed as a fun Halloween party and not a Oingo Boingo reunion, the guys agreed on a set list of slightly obscure and/or lesser-played Oingo Boingo material, plus some re-workings of a couple more popular tracks. What fun! If you poured ten years worth of Oingo Boingo reunion expectations into the show, so sorry...this was a party! The Twenty Greatest Hits of Oingo Boingo crowd may not get it, but the show was all carefully planned in the name of fun and, most of all, with respect to the remaining Oingo Boingo members who could not attend. Read on...
george bunnell

Catching up with George Bunnell
Conducted May 12, 2004

SteveBartek.com catches up with Steve’s first writing partner, lifelong friend and Best Man, George Bunnell. Steve and George have collaborated in many bands and projects over the years, including the great Strawberry Alarm Clock (though Steve was only eleven at the time). Let’s catch up with George and find out more about their musical beginnings and the many bands they have shared, including Buffington Rhodes, Little Red Rocket and Speed Bumps. Read on...

bear mccrearyCatching up with Bear McCreary
Conducted March 17, 2004

While researching information for this site, I came across another fine composer, Bear McCreary. We met up on St. Patrick’s Day to find out more about his works, his involvement with Steve Bartek, and his metal riff that almost killed Oingo Boingo members... This is a transcription of our conversation already in progress (I hit “record” eventually), in mid-topic about his collaboration with Richard Gibbs on the recent “Battlestar Galactica” television mini-series... Read on...


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